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Lenovo Ideapad A2107A Review

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Lenovo Ideapad A2107A
Not the Nexus 7, but the Lenovo Ideapad A2107A is the real price breaker among the Android tablets: you get the 7-inch tablet with 3G for 199 Euros. But after the test is certain: The price is not hot, more than lukewarm.

The 7-inch tablet from Lenovo costs 199 Euro: It must be so on as favorable Nexus 7 can be measured. And on the Google Tablet Ideapad A2107A recover from the equipment but drop by casually: it indeed as much memory (16 GB, of which 11.99 GB free), but which can be in contrast to the Nexus via micro SD card. Extend The Nexus 7 is missing a rear camera that has Ideapad A2107A them. And besides, you get the 199-euro-von Lenovo a 3G modem for mobile data transmission and SMS transfer - all you need to create at Google 100 euros more.

The Ideapad A2107A Incidentally two card slots for SIM cards, so the dual SIM operation. To get the card reader and SIM slots, you have a cover on the back of the tablet decline: Not a good solution - just a few off and Ansteckvorgangen the cover is so warped that it is no longer the case closes, and significant gap remains visible. Apart from the plastic casing of cheap tablets from Lenovo is processed reliably and knarzfrei. However, neither remarkably light for a 7-inch device (weight: 408 grams), yet very slim with a height of 11.8 millimeters.

Lenovo Ideapad A2107A: Operation

On the Lenovo Ideapad A2107A indeed running Android 4.0.3: Its ease of operation more particularly on Honeycomb level. Lenovo has built a custom interface for the home screen and the app menu: Each page should appear like this in a cube and probably generate some depth effect. But the movement has a more round and jerky. The position sensor takes about three seconds before he recognized the position of the tablet. Then the image will rotate very fast and fluid.

The browser can be restored to use mini-stuttering quite liquid. However, sites to see when scrolling always wrong and that on the side, where you drag the image with your finger. When zooming, the sharpening of the font and the downloading of content are clearly visible. Overall, the service is even more neatly: Latest Android tablets like the Nexus 7, but as a big step forward and respond much smoother. Small Nerverei on the edge: The Lenovo Ideapad A2107A is not addressed by Windows MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). You must confirm with Android 2.x as on the tablet until the USB connection, so that it appears as a mass storage on the Windows PC.

Operation                                                             Lenovo Ideapad A2107A (Rating: 2.00)
Screen / screen-keyboard / 
multi-finger gestures / screen technology   tidy / orderly / yes / capacitive

Voice input                                                          yes

Many apps and some special functions

In addition to numerous apps - including the office suite Documents To Go, which allows to edit Office files also - brings the Lenovo Tablet with specific settings that are rare on Android tablets: For example, you may like a Smartphone different audio profiles set - for example, Silent, Meeting or Outdoor. Also allows the tablet off time controlled on and off.

Lenovo Ideapad A2107A: Screen and Battery life

That's about it but with the good news: For all other test criteria weakens the Ideapad A2107A. The screen, for example, shows a lower resolution than the Nexus 7, brightness and contrast are just average. Very weak, the angle of view: If you are not from the ideal angle for viewing the screen, the contrast goes down, the representation from drinking, pale colors and white looks yellowish.

Screen                                                                                                Lenovo Ideapad A2107A (Rating: 3.17)
Screen size / resolution / point density         7.0 inches (17.8 centimeters) / 1024 x 600 pixels 
                                                                                                        / 170 dpi
Brightness / Contrast / antireflection           241 cd / m² / 819:1 / low

As a mobile tablet can also not recommend the Ideapad A2107A: The battery life of about five hours for video playback or Wi-surfing is disappointing. Apparently, the dual-core processor of MTK is not very efficient.

Mobility                                                                                                       Lenovo Ideapad A2107A (Rating: 3.21)
Battery life: Play Internet access via WLAN / Video             5:15 hours / 5:05 hours
Power supply weight (with battery) / Weight                            408/98 grams

Lenovo Ideapad A2107A: Speed and Multimedia

Particularly fast but it is not: in the browser test SunSpider, the system test Smartbench or the 3D GL Benchmark test the Ideapad A2107A is far behind current Android tablets. The WLAN does not work very fast.

Speed ​​and multimedia                                     Lenovo Ideapad A2107A (Rating: 3.79)
Browser: Speed ​​(SunSpider) /                            2967.1 milliseconds / 
 Smartbench 2012 (Productivity,                   1235, 1519 points / 17 fps / 7.60 seconds
Graphic) / GL Benchmark / 
median load time of web pages 

Wi-speed                                                                           19.7 Mbit / s         
Start time: from switched off / out of standby mode         30/1 seconds
Transferring files to device (700 MB)                                          78 seconds
HD videos smoothly on TV / monitor /                                      Jerky

Extremely disappointing and actually a KO for a current tablet is the poor video playback of Ideapad A2107A: Most of our 720p test movies are played out at all or only with very clear Bild-/Tonversatz. The images of the two cameras in the Ideapad A2107A are hard to use: the front camera with VGA resolution for video calling is too faint and shows under lights immediately wrong colors. Pale and unattractive are the shots of the rear camera.

Lenovo Ideapad A2107A reviewed: Conclusion

Lenovo Ideapad A2107A

Lenovo Ideapad is the A2107A to the decoy 3G - and in terms of price, the equipment actually earned the grade 1 There neglected almost everything else: When the keys, screen quality, and battery life above all it is clearly behind the current Android tablets - including those who are slightly more expensive.

Especially the moderate battery life devalued but the 3G feature of the Ideapad: Why do you need a mobile tablet, if you use it on the road can hardly? Who 3G is really important, should not shy away because of the additional costs 100 euros for the Google Nexus 7 3G or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.

Test results (grades)                                                          Lenovo Ideapad A2107A
Test score                                                                                     Satisfying (2.80)
Value                                                                                               Very low
Operation (25%)                                                                      2.00
Mobility (20%)                                                                         3.21
Screen (20%)                                                                             3.17
Features (17%)                                                                         2.11
Speed ​​and multimedia (15%)                                       3.79
Service (3%)                                                                             3.19

Features                                                                                    Lenovo Ideapad A2107A (Rating: 2.11)
Processor                                                                                     Mediatek MT6575 (1.0 GHz, dual-core)
Dimensions (L x W x H)                                                    12.1 x 19.2 x 1.18 cm
Android OS                                                                               4.0.3
Built-in memory (type)                                                   16 GB (Flash)
Wireless LAN / Bluetooth / UMTS / GPS              802.11n / 4.0 / 7.2 Mbit / s / yes
USB                                                                                                 1 (Micro)                                                                         
Card reader (formats)                                                      Yes (Micro SD)
Slot for SIM card                                                                  Yes (2)
Camera                                                                                       Yes (2048 x 1536 pixels)
Internet Camera                                                                 Yes (640 x 480 pixels)
Docking connector -
Audio output                                                                              1
Microphone                                                                          Yes
Power                                                                                        Adapter, USB cable

General Data                                                                              Lenovo Ideapad A2107A
Internet address of Lenovo                                            
Price (manufacturer's recommended price
 / street price)                                                                                    199 Euro / Euro
Warranty:                                                                                             12 months

Service                                                                                    Lenovo Ideapad A2107A (Rating: 3.19)
Manual: English / Print / Large / PDF                   Yes / Yes / No / No
Warranty                                                                                    12 months

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