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Roccat Kone XTD Specifications and Review

Roccat Kone XTD
Roccat Kone XTD - Gaming mouse
Faster and with trophies - Roccat Kone + improved in the Kone XTD and brings to market. We tested the 90-euro-rodents.

The Roccat Kone XTD is a remake of a remake, that is the successor of the Roccat Kone +, which in turn improve the Roccat Kone. The improvements of the XTD to the Kone + tend to take place under the hood. The design of the wired mouse with eight buttons and a four-way scroll wheel the same. So it depends on how the predecessor to large and especially right hands. For lefties, the Roccat Kone XTD is inappropriate. Processing and tactile keys are like the Kone + very well.

Roccat Kone XTD individualize

Along for the ride once again, the two LEDs that you can let the mouse driver pulse in different colors. The weight of the mouse can be adapted with up to four accompanying 5g weights to suit your needs. The weights are used in a circular slot on the bottom of the mouse.

2200 dpi over the Kone +

While the Kone + slides with up to 6000 dpi across the table, creates the Roccat Kone XTD even 8200 dpi. You can adjust these in 200-dpi increments to suit your needs and save in five different settings. On the plus and minus buttons on the mouse spinal go through quickly. This proves to be about the weapons exchange in a first-person shooter to be useful. With the sniper rifle more precision is required and a gentler hand than with the Uzi - so we adjust the dpi number one or two steps to better goals down.

Roccat Kone XTD: The mouse driver

The usual comprehensive drivers see with EasyShift another handy feature. While holding down the Shift key Easy-occupy the other buttons with functions - similar to a hotkey. On board are numerous prepared macros - by "pause" in the Windows Media Player to "Patrol" 2 in Star Craft By Macro Manager You can also record your own macros.

New menu item "R.A.D." is. There Roccat measures how often they click mouse button with which and how many meters you travel with the mouse pointer. There are then virtual trophies similar to Steam.

Also on board: Roccat Talk is a special feature that supports only a few Roccat devices. Thanks Talk for example, enter the command via the keyboard and mouse to change the dpi value. Roccat Talk FX Event Lightning allowed some gimmicks. For instance, the LEDs pulsate green when your character was poisoned. Roccat Talk is currently supported by the Kone +, and the Roccat Kone XTD Isku. Talk to the driver you need to download and install separately from the support page and Roccat.

Conclusion: The previous model will cost 79.99 euros, according to EIA, the XTD is 89.99 euros. For 10 euros more, the customer gets the XTD higher the dpi number, the Trophy system RAD, a new processor and a new wheel with the titanium wheel. That's not cheap, but fair. Who does not like to spend 90 euros for a mouse, but may also safely access the predecessor Kone + - especially since their street price is around 10 euros again under the EIA. Once more favorable the Speedlink Kudos Gaming Mouse, which was also undertaken for large hands and also has additional weights.

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